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Lønnsomhet og utregning av en kundes livstidsverdi

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Kundereisen livslop digital markedsforing synlighet

The more long-term profitability you can measure, the greater opportunities there are for you and your business. Here you get an overview of how you should think and calculate the actual profitability of acquiring new customers!

If you only focus on directly measurable numbers, such as low cost per sale and high return on investment (ROI), it will not necessarily be in line with the business goals you have set.

To gain the greatest insight into how digital marketing affects profitability, there are three components you need to consider:

  • The lifetime value to your customer
  • The entire customer journey , both online and offline
  • Word of mouth and brand awareness

A customer's lifetime value

A customer who is happy with the product or service you offer is likely to buy from you again. Being able to calculate the total profitability of a customer relationship over time is very valuable.

Think, for example, of the profitability of a physiotherapist. Getting a new customer can cost 800, - while the hourly rate is 600, -. If you forget that the customer will probably return several times for follow-up treatment, you would in this case have lost money on the customer.

A key question you can ask yourself is: How long does a customer stay loyal? This can be anything from weeks to several years. You should also have an idea of ​​how many purchases the customer makes during their lifetime. Does a customer return on average three times after visiting a physiotherapist? Or five?

After finding out how long a customer is loyal, and how many purchases they make during this time, it can be helpful to segment customers to find out which target groups are buying the most.

Understand the entire customer journey

Today's users are used to doing things their way, and shop where it suits them best. A purchase can therefore be made on various browsers, devices, apps and both in physical stores as well as online stores.

An example might be a person sitting on the bus and getting annoyed over a sore back. The person seeks out a physiotherapist on their phone and clicks on an AdWords ad . Information about the treatment offer and experiences from previous customers are read. The person then comes home and calls the physiotherapist to make an appointment after entering the number on their phone. The phone number may have been found after performing a new desktop search. It is also possible that the person does not actually call in, but only shows up at the clinic to hear if they have free time.

As you can see from the example, AdWords advertising would only be an unnecessary expense if one did not take into account that sales can take place in several ways. Tracking the average number of phone and email inquiries, or the number of visits to a physical store per day, can be smart to understand how the digital investment actually affects profitability.


Jungeltelegrafen og merkekjennskap

Fornøyde kunder vil ofte snakke varmt om produktet eller tjenesten de har kjøpt, til venner og kjente. Når merkekjennskapen til bedriften din er høy, kan dette også potensielt forsvare en høyere pris.

I eksemplet med fysioterapeuten kunne det være interessant å vite hvor mange kunder som har kommet på grunn av anbefalinger fra folk de kjenner. Er det 1 av 20 eller 1 av 10? Med flere gode omtaler vil dette også kunne øke etterspørselen etter merkevaren din.

Så trekker du fra kostnadene

Det samme som du har gjort på inntektssiden, må du nå gjøre for kostnadene. Finn ut antallet kjøp over en kundes livstid, multiplisert med kostnaden knyttet til å skape produktet eller tjenesten.

Alternatively, you can multiply the contribution margin by a percentage against the total value to arrive at a profit estimate.

Finally, you deduct the AdWords costs and are left with the profits. You now have a good starting point for doing marketing that maximizes profits.

Practical example

Faktoring in cost

Use the average order value, and the number of purchases a customer makes per year. Make up your mind about the positive effects, and then deduct cost per order.

La oss bruke fysioterapauten i tre eksempeler. I Eksempel 1 har AdWords-annonseringen kun ledet til ett direkte salg. I Eksempel 2 tar vi med de fire neste besøkene som kunden i snitt tar når de først har vært på en fysioterapitime. I Eksempel 3 tar vi også høyde for verdi skapt av økt besøk på klinikken og jungeltelegrafen:

Tabell 03 244x300
Tabell 05 244x300
Tabell 07 244x300

Som du ser blir regnestykket nokså ulikt alt etter hvilke effekter du tar med i regnestykket. Det kan gi deg et nytt blikk på verdien av de digitale markedsføringstiltakene dine.

Trenger du hjelpe med å utarbeide en digital strategi for bedriften din, som tar høyde for hele kundereisen? Meld deg på kurs i digital strategi, eller ta kontakt med en av våre eksperter på digital strategi!